Boost your google ranking using sub-domain vs subdirectory


I heard a lot of SEO techniques about improving your google ranking , one of the popular ones is adding blog to your site. No question about that.

However, now I am facing an issue: where should I put my blog to my site? Under a sub domain like, or subdirectory like Most of these articles from “SEO experts” suggest definitely go to sub-directory, and the reason from them seems pretty compelling – sub-directory content is treated as in the same entity by google as your main site, it will drive up your ranking. The problem for me with this approach is that it means I have to host both the main site and blog site under the same web application, or ideally blog under virtual directory in IIS. With hosting my ReactJS site on Azure Web App, I simply can not achieve that after 2 days investigation: the reason is simple, I can not get the routing sorted easily. React route has its won routing, which means if the ReactJS app hosted in the root site, all routing will be picked up straight away when a new request sent to the server. URL rewriting doesn’t work no matter how I update the web.config or any other custom configuration. Dead end.

One work around is to use WordPress’s REST API: build my blog in a subdomain site, and extend my ReactJS application to implement a blog which consume wordpress REST API. This is achievable, but too much extra work, and since there are so many existing themes I can use straight away, why would I built everything again? Unless I have no other options!

Things changed until I saw this video from google webmasters


So basically google is smart enough to treat subdomains and subdirectories for the same domain as the same “big” entity. That’s good news!

Some people mentioned that this video from google webmasters is dated back to 2012, that’s a long time ago and may not valid anymore. Luckily we have another latest video from google webmasters last year. They still holding the same opinion after 5 years.

Any opinions? Welcome to post below!


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